LiteCoin Mining Calculator

ŁitCoin Mining Calculator

Besides the BitCoin Calculator there is the LiteCoin calulator with the same features!

Do you know your Mhash/second, but you want to know for example: LTC/month, euros/dollars/pounds your earn each second, day, month or year?
Worry not, just fill in your Mhash/sec!

NEW: Showing the network total hash rate. Default market Coinbase.

Disclaimer: the calculation is based on the current 'difficulty' and this value can change in the future.


Pool Fee *: %
Manually overrule exchange rate **: /LTC
* = For some mining pools you pay a few percent fee
(Most likely from 0% to 3%)

** = Be sure what you are doing, you are overwriting the current exchange rates.
(Empty means use the real-time exchange rates)
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